We've been nominated! Best In Vegan Wellness.

We’re thrilled to be nominated for the Best In Vegan Wellness in the 2021 Nourish Vegan Awards. Since our 2017 inception, VITUS continues to be Australia's fastest growing vegan and plant-sourced brand. We keep true to our brand-born values by offering vegan wholefood nutrition that's sourced from the desert, ocean or plants. Everything we do is inspired by our great love for animals and the planet. Our manufacturing, ingredients (including capsules, which are often gelatin), packaging and marketing material meticulously ensures the welfare of animals are protected. VITUS is vegan through and through. Animals are the boss around here! The only thing that we might use animals for is sharing their adorableness on socials or attending very important meetings. Dogs regularly chair our Zooms. We'd love your continued support so please do vote for us at https://bit.ly/nourishveganawards2021, and also be in the chance to win 1 of 5 great prizes from Nourish! Thanks again for supporting VITUS.

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