VITUS Vegan B12


Together we can make the world more sustainable and give you the nutrition your body deserves. There are many reasons to choose our VITUS® VEGAN B12

12 reasons to B 12  

VITUS® VEGAN B12 provides 150% RDI of Vitamin B12 and 100% RDI of Vitamin D. This nutrient rich formula contains quinoa sprout powder and organic mushroom powder, both rich sources of B vitamins including vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 contributes to energy metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 

This great tasting formula is ideal to mix into smoothies and fresh juices, or sprinkle on your favourite food.

100% natural with no preservatives, flavours, sweeteners or additives.

Proudly packaged in a 100% recyclable glass bottle & lid.

      Take 3g (1 teaspoon) stirred into a smoothie or fresh juice or add to food.

      Hemp Protein Powder, Flaxseed Flour*, Quinoa Sprout Powder*, High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder (Agaricus Bisporus)*, Rice Fibre*.
      *Organic sources

      FREE FROM:

      • Animal Ingredients & Testing
      • Synthetic Vitamins
      • Artificial Preservatives, Additives, Colours, Flavours & Sweeteners
      • Sugar
      • Stevia
      • Gluten
      • Dairy
      • Fillers
      • GMO
      • Pesticides & Herbicides.

      AUSTRALIA: Organic Hemp Protein & Organic Flaxseed Flour
      UNITED STATES: High Vitamin B Quinoa Sprout Powder & High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder

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