Vitamin C The Difference

Most of us are pretty in tune with the adage benefits of a good vitamin c. Immunity, energy, collagen formation and iron absorption are some to name a few. The question is, are we in tune with the benefits of a really good vitamin c? Vitamin c’ing is believing, so read on!

Apart from being free of synthetic and isolated ascorbic acid, VITUS® VITAMIN C ticks the ABC of all vitamin c’s with its three unique ingredients; Acerola Berry, Camu Camu and Kakadu Plum. These are three of the world’s richest sources of Vitamin C. Acerola Berry is an antioxidant rich form of vitamin c that builds collagen and assists the body to fight infections and viruses. Similarly camu camu is considered a superfood with an infinite array of vitamin c linked benefits, including high antioxidants and protecting cells from unstable molecules called free radicals. Kakadu Plum is considered a Dreamtime gift by the Aboriginal culture who have been using it for thousands of years. It supports normal immune function, collagen formation and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

As far as the vitamin eye can c, vitamin c deficiencies suggest health implications beyond immunity. Depression, muscle fatigue, joint pain and low moods are symptomatic of a vitamin c deficiency as well. Whilst vitamin c rich foods are valuable contributors to the recommended dietary intake (RDI) of vitamin c, the stress of modern day lifestyle coupled with the necessary level of food intake suggests that a good vitamin c supplement will work miracles! This is where VITUS® VITAMIN C comes into play. It’s a 100% natural, vegan friendly and plant-sourced wholefood powder. One dose (1103% RDI - yes you read that right) is the equivalent of 6-8 oranges!

Vitamin C the difference with VITUS® VITAMIN C. Contribute to normal immune system function so you can get up and c’eize the day! Reduce tiredness and fatigue to c things through. With improved energy and mental acuity, c just how good you'll feel. Vitamin C to it!

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