VITUS Brand Ambassador Maddy Fox knows it is the belief in yourself that breaks records.

At the 2018 World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships in Truro, Canada Maddy beat her personal best. She is now the 7th fastest in the world in the 200m backstroke event. 

In the lead up to the championships, Maddy’s training regime intensified and her focus narrowed. Along with swims for DVE Swimming club and Melbourne Inner East Special Olympics six times per week Maddy was aiming for three weekly gym sessions to hone her strength and condition her muscles.


Top 30 in the world in all 8 events
8 swims and 8 personal bests
Silver heat medals in 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly
Gold heat medal in the 100m individual medley
7th fastest in the world in the 200m backstroke event


Top performing country with a tally of 715, followed by Britain’s 685 and Italy’s 609.

If your fitness has hit a plateau and your results have slowed, take a cue from VITUS swimming champion Maddy by setting meaningful goals and measuring your progress along the way. Recording personal bests in the gym or your chosen activity allows you to set a benchmark and strive for continual and progressive improvement.

Congratulations on your success and new personal bests, Maddy.


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