A Life-Giving Brand Giving Life To The Environment

Happy National Recycling week from the team at VITUS! True to form, VITUS (latin for life-giving) is honoured to bettering the environment through the National Recycling Week initiative which was established by Planet Ark in 1996. This year in particular is very special to Planet Ark as they're celebrating their 25th anniversary. That's 25 years to bettering our eco system through education, practice and action. You can get involved at home, at work, at school or through councils and committees. You can also get involved by simply purchasing your favourite VITUS product! All VITUS products use 100% recyclable bottles and lids, as well as a 100% home compostable pouch. Any way in which you get involved, you're supporting reduction in landfill wastes (that's a reduction in the risk of natural gases, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances), aiding conservation of natural resources (which helps the lives and habitats of people and local wildlife by reducing timber), saving energy (reduce energy to make new products) and so much more. Give more through a life-giving brand that likes to give more. Please recycle for our planet.

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