150 Million Reasons To Love A Turkey

Firstly, how cute are they?

In case you haven't given it much thought, turkeys are beautiful by nature (like all animals). They're sweet, gentle and serene. They love a good cuddle. They're really friendly and overall they have an unwavering zenness about them. This doesn't take away from their intelligent'ness, socialness or playfulness either. These amazing birds are social, playful and very clever! We're definitely thankful for them in a way that doesn't contribute to the 45 million deaths per year that occurs for the official thanks of Thanksgiving. We also feel thankful to be a Turkey Guardian for Christmas this year by being vegan. We could give 150 million reasons to love a turkey rather than be one of the 150 million reasons that contribute to the death of them per year. Here's a few of our 150 million reasons to love a turkey.

1. Romantics! Only male turkeys gobble. Their yelps and purrs are actually a flirtatious attempt to impress the ladies. Turkeys recognize each other by their unique voices. 

2. They're more than just good looks! Turkeys have a genetic condition called tetantic torticollar spasms. It causes them to act 'unintelligently' and stare at the sky for 30 seconds or more (makes sense to us actually!). Don't let this fool you though, they're actually very intelligent. They'll remember your face if they like you, they're good with geography and have high social intelligence.

3. Good mammas! Once a hen has found her mate (refer to point 1), she will lay up to 15 eggs per day over a fortnightly period. After 28 days of the eggs hatching, the mothers will stay with their poults (baby turkeys) to keep them safe and warm until they learn to fly.

4. Mood! You can tell a turkey's emotions by the changing colour of their heads. They can change from red to blue and white, depending on how they're feeling. The more intense their colour, the more intense their emotion.

4. See! They see better than humans. We think we're the clever ones but sometimes animals see, know and feel a lot more than we do.

Check out this cute video for more turkey inspiration.

Love them, don't eat them.

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