We See The Glass As Half Full

2022 is the new era of self-care. This includes external self-care for the planet and internal self-care for our bodies. For example, did you know that 2022 year is officially named as the UN International Year Of Glass?. It celebrates the sustainable role that glass plays with the external environment (the planet) and the internal environment (our bodies). The 2022 International Year Of Glass tackles global issues with supply chains that require collaborative efforts between governments, business and academia. It works to improve ethics in glass-exporting practices in the macro-economic sense, thereby positively impacting micro-economic factors like our wellbeing. We're happy to say that VITUS use 100% recyclable bottles. Our bottles have an oxygen barrier induction seal which ensure optimal protection and freshness for the vital nutrients within. Each step ensures that VITUS reaches you with the freshest nutrition while ensuring best practice for the environment. So self-care on; see the glass half full by whipping up your favourite VITUS smoothie... breathe in, breathe out... take a walk, pat a pup, think positive and feel good about contributing to the self-care of the planet in combination with yourself.  

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