Veganuary is well underway with a record number of participants, and so is our evocative VITUS Veganuary campaign.

VITUS vegan wholefoods were created to provide vitamin and mineral rich wholefood alternatives to the synthetically produced supplements on the market, and the best part – the range is 100% vegan verified and cruelty-free. 

Our range offers nutritional support for customers like ourselves who follow a plant-based lifestyle. So naturally we not only wanted to reward our already loyal customers with the best vegan tips and tricks for living a healthy, natural, plant-based lifestyle. We also want to educate, raise awareness and provide support for those who are interested in going vegan for the month January (and beyond).

Our Veganuary campaign includes online posters of our beloved VITUS products, highlighting the nutritional support each product offers, the key benefits of choosing that specific VITUS product and some tips on how to easily incorporate our products into delicious plant-based recipes for an easy, convenient and on-the-go nutritional boost.

Apart from our viral digital presence, we have also taken to the streets (the Melbourne streets that is), with beautiful artwork and catchy phrased wheat pasting posters. Whether you’re indulging in all things vegan in the endless plant-based restaurants now available, strolling through the streets, rushing to work or exploring the beautiful city, our posters will be sure to catch your eye. Changing locations weekly, our posters have been making their way through the Melbourne streets like a hurricane.

If you’re in the area and happen to spot our supportive, hearty, strengthening, gutsy, forceful and bold posters, take a snap, share it on social media tagging @vitusonelife and we’ll automatically gift you with a 25% off discount code for

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