If you’ve seen all the hype, the recipes, the blogs, the vlogs and the endless Veganuary hashtags, you may be more curious than ever about the ever-growing world of veganism. Veganuary is an international campaign that encourages people to go vegan for the month of January, to promote and drive education around the health, cultural and environmental benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

The word vegan means many different things to many different people but for most it starts as curiosity which then develops into an interest and then a desire. Veganuary is here to make those desires, reality.

Forget what you’ve heard about not obtaining sufficient protein, vitamins (particularly B12) and other essential nutrients from a plant-based diet. Plants not only provide the fuel you need to live a healthy and energetic life; they also offer an alternative to animal suffering and harmful farming practices destroying our Planet - the only one we’ve got.

Let’s also begin by debunking the myths about vegan food being bland and boring. Vegan food can be tasty, wholesome and more delicious than any meat meal you’ve ever had. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Utilise the resources available (and by resources, we mean and have an open mind when trying new dishes or types of food.

We’re here to show you just how easy and delicious veganism is with our VITUS product range. Providing essential vitamins and nutrients in a convenient powder form that easily adds to recipes, there is nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

VITUS: The support you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE PLANT SOURCED VEGAN B12 contains 100% of your Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, contributing to energy metabolism, a healthy immunity and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Tasty tip: With a mild, savoury taste, our VITUS VEGAN B12 is ideal for using as a vegan alternative to parmesan cheese - sprinkle a teaspoon over your favourite pasta dish for a delicious wholefood topping and 100% RDI of Vitamin B12.

VITUS: The guts you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE PLANT SOURCED DIGESTIVE is a 100% vegan, wholefood, daily powder containing a unique blend of fibre, prebiotics and plant-based ingredients to support digestion & a healthy gut.

Tasty tip: For the ultimate gut health boost, stir our VITUS DIGESTIVE powder into your favourite smoothie. We suggest mixing some coconut milk, a shot of coffee, a chopped banana and a teaspoon of DIGESTIVE in a blender to jump start your digestion and help debloat.

VITUS: The force you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE PLANT SOURCED IRON+C offers a bioavailable source of iron that provides 100% of your daily recommended intake of iron and vitamin C. This wholefood powder is gentle on the stomach and boosts antioxidant activity for overall health benefits. Containing Acerola berry and camu camu, it also provides 100% of your vitamin C needs to maximise iron absorption.

Tasty tip: Mix our VITUS IRON+C powder with your favourite red berry juice for an anti-oxidant and energy boost. 100% of your Iron and Vitamin C RDI's in the tastiest way possible. 

VITUS: The backbone you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE OCEAN SOURCED CALCIUM supports the daily requirement for calcium to support strong bones and teeth. It contains 896mg of elemental Calcium per serve with 72 trace minerals for a synergistic health benefit. A 100% natural vegan calcium.

Tasty Tip: Our vegan wholefood CALCIUM will not lose its nutritional value when heated or cooled, so we love to incorporate this important mineral in our favourite baked treats for delicious, synergistic health benefits.

VITUS: The heart you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE PLANT SOURCED VEGAN OMEGA carefully blends 4 premium, natural wholefoods to achieve a balanced 2:1 ratio of Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids. Each dose provides 1000mg of combined Omega-3 & Omega-6 nutrients to boost your daily omega intake.

Tasty Tip: Stir our neutral tasting VEGAN OMEGA wholefood blend through your favourite plant-based dip such as hummus for a delicious fish-free omega boost.

VITUS: The stamina you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE DESERT GROWN SPIRULINA has an amazing nutrient profile. It is a natural source of bio-available iron, contains over 65% easily digestible complete protein, along with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants for nutrition, energy and immunity.

Tasty Tip: VITUS pure desert grown SPIRULINA is not only rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it is also rich in flavour and colour. Our tasty tip: stir our beautiful dark green SPIRULINA powder through a plant-based pesto sauce for a natural vegan nutrient boost.

VITUS: The strength you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE PLANT SOURCED VEGAN PROTEIN expertly blends multiple plant-based wholefoods to create a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids and key nutrients. Unflavoured & unsweetened, it provides an ideal base for recipes of any flavour. All packaged in an eco-friendly 100% compostable pouch.

Tasty Tip: Because who doesn't love a good bliss ball? A deliciously healthy snack for on-the-go fibre & protein. Add our VITUS VEGAN PROTEIN powder to your bliss balls to enhance the texture and taste without changing the flavour. Unflavoured & unsweetened, our PROTEIN powder provides an ideal base for both sweet and savoury recipes alike.

VITUS: The resistance you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE PLANT SOURCED CLEAN GREENS combines 100% organically grown, Australian green vegetables, seaweed and grasses offering daily nutritional support for a busy, active lifestyle.

Tasty Tip: What better way to "eat your greens" than in your favourite baked treat? Add a few spoons of our healthy, green powder to a vegan banana muffin mixture for a grab-and-go vegetable boost. Even the kids will love them!

VITUS: The fight you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE PLANT SOURCED VITAMIN C is a delicious, wholefood formula combining three of the world’s richest sources of Vitamin C; Acerola berry, Camu camu and Kakadu plum. Each dose contains 430mg of Vitamin C to support normal immune system function, collagen formation and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Tasty Tip: Our Vitamin C powder can be added to water, juice, smoothies or even spinkled over a bowl of fruit and coconut yoghurt for the ultimate immune boosting breakfast of (vegan) champions.

VITUS: The nerve you need to be vegan;

VITUS PURE OCEAN SOURCED MAGNESIUM is a formulated supplementary sports food sustainably harvested from pristine ocean waters. It off­ers over 100% RDI of this important nutrient to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Tasty Tip: The ultimate recovery drink awaits and it features our VITUS MAGNESIUM wholefood powder blend! Stir into a turmeric, coconut or green matcha latte for a warm and comforting post workout recovery drink.

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