Jason Shon Bennett Health Researcher & Best Selling Author Creating Exceptional Health

VITUS brand advocate, author and natural health researcher Jason Shon Bennett is dedicated to the pursuit of health and wellness for himself and others.  A shining example of the term ‘practice what you preach’, Jason himself has been free of illness and medications for over 25 years saying; “I just hated being sick badly enough to do something radical about it.”

Born and bred in New Zealand, Jason arrived two months premature and recalls being a very sick and weak child. Growing up he was plagued by asthma, acne, hay fever, digestive problems, constant fatigue and caught almost every cold & virus that was going. “I was on about 16 shots of Ventolin a day for about 20 years. I was also on steroid injections and in and out of hospital.”

Fed up, Jason decided to open his mind to a different way of doing things, outside the medical institution. “I realised that I had to ask for help in different places and I had to start “unlearning all that I had learnt” as the great Yoda would say.”

Jason took responsibility for his own health and in doing so, dramatically changed his life.

By extensively researching the world’s healthiest diets, the medicinal properties of foods and the practice of Regular Intelligent Fasting™, Jason discovered the extraordinary benefits of a plant-based wholefood diet and its impact on the body noting that “you can either eat yourself well or eat yourself sick.”

Jason has since coached thousands of people around the world to achieve their version of exceptional health saying, "My way of looking at it is, okay, so you've got the genes you've got. How do we make those genes behave the best way that we can? How do we optimise your health?"

As a celebrated health researcher, health coach, international speaker and bestselling author of ‘Eat Less, Live Long’ and ‘My 20 Golden Rules’ Jason has proudly partnered with VITUS to spread the message of exceptional health through plant based nutrition.

Stay tuned across our social media channels and website to watch Jason’s incredible video series on how he maintains health with the assistance of VITUS Vegan Wholefood Nutrition.

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