Fighting Fit with Karina Timores

“The years of chemo are beginning to show, but that’s ok it won’t stop me,” says Karina Timores.

It has been almost 10 years since Southern Highlands local Karina Timores was first diagnosed with breast cancer. First undergoing a mastectomy and chemo in 2008, Karina was advised in 2013 that the cancer had metastised to her liver and lung and that she were to undergo an additional two years of chemotherapy. In 2018, she is now on oral chemo.

“I am living with cancer like people live with diabetes or high blood pressure,” says Karina. But as she recounts her cancer journey she mentions with what can only be considered sheer positivity that “I have found exercise a blessing. It helped with my head space, nausea, tiredness and general wellbeing.”

While working shifts at Bowral Hospital and at her husband’s café, Karina is dedicated to finding time for a work out session in her busy schedule. Karina regularly participates in shred and spin classes, boot camp and she’s even progressed to doing local sporting events such as the Huskisson Triathlon.

“She is such an inspiration,” is the consensus from her close friends. “Especially for anyone wanting to be active.”

Karina affirms that for her, fitness is more about having fun than anything else, and having fun with fitness is a great way to get more comfortable with exercise and progress to more challenging sports and activites. It can take some trial and error, but as Karina demonstrates, after you find a workout you love, you open the door to fitness challenges, friendships and personal achievements.

For now, however, Karina is happy with her current regime and the value it brings to her day-to-day life. In her own words, “Who knows what the future will bring. It is about now, not yesterday or tomorrow.”



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