Jason Shon Bennett researched centenarian cultures as he strived to discover the impact of nutrition on our genetic expressions

Health Guru Jason Shon Bennett first began his research on ways to achieve ‘exceptional health’ by studying the lifestyle habits of centenarian cultures around the world. Specifically, he studied the longevity of people from Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica where people routinely live to 100 years and beyond.

After years of dedicated research, what Jason concluded was that the similarities these cultures had was their largely plant based wholefood diets. “I believe the bottom line when it comes to healthy eating is in the independent scientific research and the studies on the food choices of the world's longest-lived cultures: the blue zones in Okinawa, Nagano, Costa Rica, Loma Linda, Longevity Village in Bapan, China, Ikaria and so on,” says Jason.

Nature has perfectly packaged the nutrients we need to stay healthy, and as Jason continues to explain, “When the scientific proof matches the people who have actually lived the longest, then you have very compelling evidence.”

As Jason details in his bestselling novel, ‘My 20 Golden Rules,’ one of the most captivating revelations about eating healthy is how and what you eat impacts your genetic expression – the genetic code that tells your cells what to do and how well to do it. This has dramatic impact on longevity, energy, body fat as well as your cancer risk.[1]

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