Whether you’re a pro in the world of vegan or just a beginner, you’ll know that the gratification of living a guilt-free, (mostly) healthy lifestyle with a positive contribution on our beloved planet is enough to ignore the never ending question we ask ourselves daily… what to make for dinner. Being vegan is a rewarding way of living, and whilst it may take some research, trial and error and plenty of practice to master some delicious, wholesome plant-based dishes - it’s worth it. On top of that, there’s the constant pressure of demonstrating how delicious and satisfying vegan eating can be to family, friends and the likes, to hopefully encourage a positive change. The added compliments of your plant-based meals being mouth-watering, wholesome and the best compliment of all, wait for it… “I didn’t even miss the meat”, also comes as a welcomed bonus.

VITUS has therefore created a vegan kitchen game changer, the One Life Essential Kitchen Kit. Not only does it include a vegan recipe e-book with easy, delicious, wholesome and nutritious recipes that you can show off, but also includes essential vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced digestive system.

What can you expect to find in this delightful box of vegan bliss?

  • VITUS Recipe E-Book
  • VITUS Spirulina 250g Powder
  • VITUS Iron + C 120g Powder
  • VITUS Magnesium 120g Powder
  • VITUS Calcium 275g Powder
  • A Beautiful Wooden Spoon

Available here.

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