Maddy Fox discovered water when she was just one-year-old and hated it. Nineteen years later and she has just finished competing in the 2018 Special Olympics Australia National Games where she walked away with 1 gold in the 100m freestyle, 2 bronze medals and a 4th place. She has also been selected to represent Australia this July at the 8th World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships in Canada.

Maddy Fox is a remarkable athlete. In 2015, Maddy was chosen to represent Victoria at the 10th National Special Olympics where she won two coveted silver medals as well as two bronze medals. In 2017, she competed at the 8th Down Syndrome Australian Championships where she triumphed with a national title in butterfly stroke. But this year can only be described as a whole new wave of ascendance for Maddy. As her friends and family point out, this “fit, fun and friendly’’ athlete is the embodiment of aspiration, and as observed by VITUS, Maddy is a true example of athletic ambition and ‘’greatness in motion.” This is why we are pleased to announce the VITUS – Maddy Fox Sponsorship.

Having been selected to compete in this year’s Special Olympics Australia National Games and the World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships, Maddy proves athletic distinction exists beyond the glossy covers of magazines. It may be found in your local community.

Maddy is just like any other person in your local community. Outside the pool she works at the local sports centre and attends a day program. However, there’s a drive and determination that sets her apart and leaves us inspired.  Maddy swims for DVE Swimming club and Melbourne Inner East Special Olympics six times a week as well as three gym sessions. 

Her years of hard work and balancing multiple commitments show that with dedication, perseverance, and a healthy dose of natural talent, for Maddy, the Olympic Dream is within reach.

The first VITUS Athlete, Maddy Fox shows that the term athlete is not confined to the A-listers. Athletes come in all ages and from all backgrounds, from big cities to small towns.  Greatness doesn’t occur at a stand-still. Get inspired by Maddy. Get out there and give it your all. We can all be inspired by stories such as Maddy’s to challenge ourselves and lead a healthy active life.

Find your aspiration.


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