Being vegan is simple. You love animals, get to eat well and also feel light. These three things offer a trinity of mind, body and soul benefits.

Mindfulness is one of the amazing benefits of being vegan. Adopting a vegan lifestyle harbours a choice of consciousness. It's essentially a mindfulness practice. Making conscious decisions about what you choose to let into your life is empowering, let alone rewarding. Be it a mindful brand (hello VITUS), a good deed (protecting animals) or just feeling good (by choosing good), it's a pretty nice lifestyle. Better yet, the food is amazing. You get to choose mindfully and eat soulfully.

Also, your body will love you for it. Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Lewis Hamilton and the team at The Game Changers will tell you that. Being on a plant-based diet supports an infinite array of performance-based benefits too. Nutrient-rich, cruelty-free and eco-friendly choices are some to name a few. Or to put it simple, "eat your veggies" as your folks would say.

There's also the soul-factor (that feel-good factor). Not eating or using animals feels good! Animals live here just like we do. Animals also feel things just like we do. Animals love and smile and cry just like we do. When you do the right thing by them, you're doing the right thing by you. It's a layer of lightness, happiness and joy that's well beyond explanation. Try it for a day, or two, or forever (if you haven't already)...

With love and lightness from the team at VITUS, Happy Veganuary!

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